My service to represent you in a real estate purchase is FREE to the buyer!

If you call a broker from a sign or ad they represent the selling party they do not represent you!   When I represent you I will work hard to save you money and protect your interest!

Why do you need an agent?  To protect your interests, two of my recent clients saved $10,000.  and another saved nearly $15,000 on the transaction.  

 If you are looking for a good deal, check my site frequently and give me a call to get on my email list.  You will see the best deals as soon as they happen!  Click here and bookmark this page!

If a property purchase is in your future and you are searching for the right property, let me help you!  It's my job to be up to date on listings and where to find answers to your questions.  Give me a call!  


Talk to me about Oregon buying or selling!

James L. Wardrope  Principal Broker

Oregon River

216 S.W. 3rd Street

Elkton, Oregon 97436

Information changes with time and may not be correct.  Always contact an attorney for legal matters and me for Real Estate!

eMail:  541 389-2359

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